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Exceptional Program Manager

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Senior Product Manager Managing one of the world’s leading online courseware authoring tools out there in the market.

Responsibilities and skills developed :

Pearson (Dec 2020 – ongoing) Senior Product Manager

Managing one of the world’s leading online courseware authoring tools out there in the market.

● Product Vision and Strategy: Proficient in developing and executing product strategies and vision, driving successful outcomes and aligning with market trends and customer demands.

● Developed a deep understanding of the business objectives of internal and external stakeholders: tailor the product vision and built trust by defining and maintaining an accurate and achievable roadmap.

● Managed concept to launch multiple products improving content creators experience, creating and managing course content.

● Prioritisation based on the business goals and customer critical needs.

● Regular Stakeholder interview, listening to their feedback & ensuring the proper alignments between what’s being built and customers expectations.

● Thorough and proper grooming sessions with the engineering team (WHAT’s being built and WHY it’s being built).

● Ensured the quality of products before production release (proper testing with internal stakeholders involved before public access).

● Managing releases: signing off on the existing defects, communications and product updates.

● Wire framing of the features to be built; providing a better understanding for the UX/design team also helps the grooming sessions.

● Cross team (Design/UX, QE, engineering, PMs etc.) communications.

● Mentoring junior product owners and new product hires.​

BuildingIQ (July 2017 – Dec 2020) Lead Product Manager

Managed products and features from ideas to production and app stores, such as Highly customisable Energy Dashboards, Integrated Reporting Platform, Workflow & Service Request Management, Mobile applications for Building tenant comfort, Energy visualisation and Service Request management and many more. Responsibilities and skills developed Customer relationship

● Proactively capturing the customer feedback.

● Conducting user interviews (exploratory, validation, satisfaction and efficiency interview).

● Post release product training for internal and external customers (stakeholders).

● Delivering product demos for new features. Product roadmap planning (mostly using AHA tool)

● Defining feature specification and priority.

● Defining and sharing the roadmap with other team members and proper roadmap items status communication.

● Conducting internal (engineering, executives, Operations etc.) roadmap meetings, talking about why some specific features have been prioritised and included in the roadmap and how they are related and beneficial for the business.

● External roadmap meetings, getting the customers excited about what’s coming next (high level, generalised view). Release management

● Leading Product team meetings and participating in the engineering development related meetings such as story grooming or feasibility brainstorming sessions.

● Defining MVPs to build a product with a basic set of features (functional) that are enough to capture the attention of early adopter users and test the market.
● Writing user stories and defining requirements for the design and engineering team.

● Preparing release notes and product update emails for product launches. Strategy

● Analysing the market trends.

● Adopt the new product features and enhancements based on the successful market trends and deliver the product with demonstrable business impact.

● Lead and managed a global team of product managers.

● Mentored our new hires & junior product owners and managers. Wireframing & UX Design

● Wireframing and designing all the feature requirements and sharing with the engineering team using software and tools such as Invision or Adobe Photoshop.

● Conducting Q&A meetings with UI team over the designs and business logics. New ideas

● Frequent discussions with stakeholders to generate ideas on how to improve or solve the current user related issues.

● Prioritise and include the justified ideas into the product roadmap. Keeping track and record of all ideas.

BuildingIQ (Nov 2015 – Sep 2017) UI / Front End Tech Lead / Team Leader

Responsibilities and skills developed Led a global team of developers. Managed and Built Commercial mobile apps from the ground up for both iOS and Android. Technologies dealt with including Vanilla JavaScript, React, React Native (mobile apps), Angular, CSS, Bootstrap.

IELTSpro (May 2014 – Oct 2019) Co-Founder & Product Manager

Founded, Product Managing and Marketing for an online platform providing simple, effective and quality IELTS training materials put together by professional examiners and teachers with over 20 years of experience in IELTS and English language teaching and testing at university level.

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