Understanding your objectives, growth strategy and vision are integral to our ability to deliver.  In a market where genuine talent is incredibly hard to come by, we focus on your values, culture and core competencies in order to deliver a robust solution. 

Engagement Model 


Each opportunity starts with a thorough briefing, and we take time to understand your requirements and make recommendations.  Rather than ‘shoot from the hip’ we’ll really get to the heart of what makes a great hire for your business.  We can also help you to refine your employer value proposition to make your business as attractive as possible to the perfect candidate.  BMS have helped many clients to establish, develop and drive their ANZ operations from scratch and we are proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve built with many businesses. 

Our Model encompasses the following key steps:


Once we fully understand your values, vision, and requirements our team will build a shortlist of potential candidates.  This stage is about looking beyond the obvious and identifying people who will make a lasting impact on your business.  Often, the shortlist will include candidates with perfect skills and experience along with ‘wildcards’ who we believe could have the ‘X’ factor that you don’t always find in a CV.


BMS has built a unique assessment model over many years which we believe helps us to identify characteristic which will drive success.


Once we have comprehensively assessed each candidate, we will arrange a benchmarking session where you’ll get a chance to interview 3 or 4 of the best candidates.  We find that at this stage we havea80%+ chance of having identified the eventual hire. 


Finding the right candidate is just the beginning, from the first interview onwards we have a huge amount of experience of nurturing the candidate to ensure that your opportunity is at the top of their list.  And if it isn’t – we’ll let you know and make sure we do everything possible to get the right outcome for both parties.

Talent Pools

As a BMS client you can engage our service on an ongoing basis to nurture and manage a pool of perfect, passive candidates. 

Talk to your account manager today about how we can build your team of the future.