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Actionable Ideas for Sales Success in 2023

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What's in store? ​

2023 promises to be another exciting year, and if you read any of the mainstream business papers there's plenty of uncertainty in store for us salespeople . One thing that we can bank on is that businesses wont lower their expectation of their sales teams and if you're a sales leader you'll need to be getting the very best performance out of your troops. I hope the following ideas will resonate with you and hopefully give you something to think about as we embark on a new sales year.

So, in an turbulent market with occasional gusting headwinds - what can we do as sales people to stay ahead of the curve?

BMS speaks to tens of thousands of sales leaders every year and these are some of their 'top-tips'

  1. Focus, Focus, Focus - In a tight market you'll need to spend as much time as possible with clearly defined personas with a genuine need for your offering

  2. Revisit your value proposition, does it still resonate in a tougher market? Can you tighten up your messaging?

  3. Slow down and get closer to your existing clients. Invest time in them and ensure that you have a strong, trust-based relationship.

  4. Build your network and get in front of as many decision makers as possible, face to face. Take time to meet for coffee and get to know them.

  5. Ideal Client Persona - This is a big one. Spend time getting deep around the key components of your ideal client. Consider sector, size, business drivers, structure, challenges, typical decsion makers.

  6. Active listening! In an uncertain market there is less pressure on the client to buy. Spend time using your most important asset...Your ears

  7. Leverage customer testimonials and references and don't be afraid to ask for a referral. Your best client could become your best sales person.

  8. Focus on service and the client wont consider going elsewhere. What can you do to really impress them.

  9. Personal Brand - Not everybody is comfortable 'bragging' on LinkedIn but producing valuable, industry specific content and engaging with clients will pay dividends.

  10. Get better! Continuously gather feedback from your customers and use it to improve your sales process and approach.

As salespeople we are nothing without a problem or pain point. Whilst tougher market condition might seem like a negative, dont forget that your clients are also likely to be facing challeges. Work harder to understand your decsion maker, demonstrate true empathy and the chances are, they'll let you help them!

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