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Hiring for potential

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​When it comes to strengthening your recruitment, you need to spend more time focusing on the potential of each candidate rather than direct experience. We’ve entered an age where many professionals are constantly changing careers, particularly the younger generation, with more people taking more an “agile” approach to work. This means many professionals have a wealth of skills and experience to tap into, including those who are looking to move into sales. In any case, it’s time to re-think the idea that experience immediately translates into performance. Here’s an overview of why you should hire for potential, not just experience.

You'll expand your potential talent pool

When you seek out candidates who have the potential to be top performers at your company, rather than those with direct experience, you immediately open up your talent pool. Turning candidates away simply because they don’t match the criteria could limit your reach, which means you may overlook a great fit. For example, if you’re hiring for a sales role that requires two years’ of experience, but the candidate only has a year on their CV, you should delve into their motivations because they might be passionate about the company. You must hire candidates that possess a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. These characteristics are the key to a successful hire

Allows you to focus on performance

The benefit of hiring for potential over experience is that you can assess a candidate’s attitude, their ability to fit into an established team, and how well they work under pressure. When you focus too heavily on how a candidate’s experience matches the role, you might overlook key performance indicators. You may have a candidate who has extensive experience in sales, but you need to make sure they have a passion for the work and are interested in your company. One of the great things about hiring someone with a lack of experience is they’re often easier to manage, due to having a fresh perspective. It’s important to hire people who can be coached, as that way you can boost both their performance and productivity.

Can seek out potential cultural fit

Hiring for cultural fit is all about hiring employees who have the potential to thrive within your management style, and whose behaviours and beliefs are well-aligned with your company’s values. When you focus less on direct experience, you’ll be able to spend more time on culture fit. Will the person function well in the organisation’s workplace? Will they demonstrate behaviours that blend well with the current system? Cultural fit is crucially important because it impacts an employee’s productivity and the quality of their work. Through assessing potential, you’ll be able to create a clearer picture of the candidate and whether or not they’re likely to succeed at your company.

BMS has the expertise to help your business

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